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'Every Shade of Blue is the new Fifty Shades'


Every Shade of Blue

When Suzanne Perry-Jackson is ditched by her husband of twenty years, her comfortable, uncomplicated world is turned upside down. Two months after the traumatic break up, the sophisticated blonde meets Angelo Azzurro, a captivating stranger who introduces her to the world of sadomasochistic sex.

A chance meeting with orthopaedic surgeon Sebastian Black rocks Suzanne's world all over again. It's love at first sight as she senses a deep physical and mental connection with the breathtakingly beautiful, blue-eyed doctor. But, enraged by Suzanne running out on him, control freak Angelo decides to teach her a lesson she will never forget.....

When Suzanne vanishes, Sebastian is frantic. He has no doubt her disappearance has everything to do with Angelo. Can Sebastian track down the love of his life, and will he be able to overcome the darkness in his past to share true happiness with the woman he has fallen head over heels in love with? 

Every Shade of Black

Sebastian Black and Suzanne Perry-Jackson are back, and, once again there are fireworks! Sebastian, the astonishingly handsome surgeon believes he has found his soulmate in Suzanne, but before Sebastian can fully embrace a future with the wonderful woman he has fallen head over heels in love with, he needs to face the brutality of his early life. So, he makes the difficult decision to seek out his estranged father and soon unearths a shocking truth.

Meanwhile, Suzanne has problems of her own. Tatiana, her ex-husband's stunning young lover seems determined to ruin Suzanne's perfect new life. And Angelo Azzurro, a psychotic one night stand who Suzanne encountered briefly before meeting Sebastian, is out there lurking in the shadows ready to make his move. 

'Every Shade of Black' is a stand-alone read and has been written in the style of Jackie Collins meets Sylvia Day. It's the ongoing tale of love, lust and self-discovery; a racy read that will leave readers breathless in its wake. 

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5.0/5.0 stars! Scintillating read!

Loved this book. Couldn’t put it down. Sexy and easy to read. Looking forward to the next one Linzi!

-Andrea P, Amazon customer

'5.0/5.0 Great read really good sequel couldn't put it down well done Linzi'

 -Amazon customer



Originally from Bristol, I moved to London in my early twenties to fulfil a dream of being a model, which went quite well actually! I appeared on 'Page 3' and made many TV and movie appearances, most famously in the cult classic 'An American Werewolf in London' before becoming the editor of 'Penthouse' magazine. These days as well as writing novels I also act as a PA for my son Tyger, best know for his role of Jake Brockman in 'Outnumbered'. I divide my time between Surrey and Spain where I live with my two dogs, Regy-T and Boo.


Well I've been around the adult industry for quite a long time!  I've been a glamour model, a stripper, a men's magazine columnist, a porn producer and the editor of 'Penthouse' magazine, to name just some of my jobs in the business. But now I've returned to my writing roots and have penned my second erotic novel 'Every Shade of Black' which is the sequel to my debut novel 'Every Shade of Blue', published in 2016, also by Matador Books. Jade magazine awarded my first book five stars, citing 'Blue is the new Grey' Not bad eh!


I am an avid reader. I like nothing better than to lose myself in a good book. From my early twenties I wrote erotica, and the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' phenomenon inspired me to get back into it.  I would say my style could be described as Jackie Collins meets Sylvia Day. I truly loved the process of creating my erotic thrillers: 'Every Shade of Blue' and 'Every Shade of Black'. When I write erotica I really like to build the tension. And I love all the senses coming into play when writing a smoking hot sex scene. The way a lover smells and feels and tastes is just as important as how they look and what they say, I believe. I hope my readers enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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When Suzanne Perry-Jackson is dumped by her husband of almost 20 years, her comfortable and uncomplicated world falls apart. Enter the most beautiful man she has ever seen; Sebastian Black. Pretty soon there are fireworks...

Every Shade of Black - Copies signed by the author


(£2.50 shipping)

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Sebastian Black is back. The handsome surgeon with the healing hands, bright blue eyes and tousled black hair gets stripped bare in this returning steamy saga of love, lust and self-discovery. This man could melt your soul.

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Linzi here! Years ago when I was modelling I used to pen a blog called 'Life with Linzi' for Club International. Years have passed since those heady days and these days I'm channelling my erotica into my books. Seeing blogs are all the rage now, I thought I'd have a crack at one. 'Life with Linzi' revisited where I'll be posting pics, letting my readers have a sneak peep into my life and the lives of the characters in my novels, and  generally having a good old chit chat. Watch this space! 


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One can’t help but start this review with a mention of the most overhyped best seller of all time ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – love it or loathe it (as we did) you can’t help but be impressed with its sales and spawning of countless ‘knock-offs’ as every adult publisher and writer sought to jump on the ‘Shades-sales’ bandwagon. That being said, this offering from the legendary ex-glamour model hits the mark far better than ever did ‘grey’. Better written, more believable and racier in our opinion, this novel deserves a far wider readership than we suspect it will get as many readers are by now weary of all the ‘grey’ spin-offs. But this is one that stands out from the crowd. The sex scenes, while not overly lengthy, are nonetheless worthy of being called erotic. A sequel is in the pipeline and we hope it is as good as this excellent debut novel. Blue is definitely the new Grey!

    -Jade Magazine

Every Shade of Blue has it all. Truly a brilliant book that I couldn't put down.

Linzi pulls no punches with the sexy stuff, and there's also the action/plot twists that keep you gripped and turning the pages.

Can't wait until she releases her next book. 

   -Gemma P

Fantastic, sexy read, great story and happy ending - what more do you need in a great book. Read it on holiday - a must buy! 

   -Vikki R

I was recommended this book by one of my girlfriends and it was fantastic. It kicks off into an interesting racy start and also a beautiful story...It is definitely one of those story's which every female can relate to. I have also read '50 shades', but i feel 'Every Shade of Blue' was allot more interesting, detailed and far better written. This has to rank in my top ten favourite books and I was bewitched from the moment I started reading it. Hoping there will be a second book!

   -S Elliot

Love this book it has a bit of everything and keeps you on your toes! I didn't want to put it down particularly towards the end. The story line is fab, the text is well written (and didn't even find a spelling mistake unlike other similar books!) and the meaning of the title is two fold - simply great, can't wait for the next book, I do love a story with a happy ending (this one did not disappoint!)

   -Mrs. S K Shirley